Pregnant Women Should Monitor Their Food and Health

Pregnant Women Should Monitor Their Food and Health

Women pregnant are good news for the newlywed. The presence of a child in a family is very valuable. Life will be felt too quiet when a spouse does not children. They just can spend their time just with their spouse. What will happen if one of them has to work out of the town? Sure the spouse who stays at home will feel lonely. The child can make their parent smile and proud of her. Child will accompany his parents as long as the day.

One thing you should know that women pregnant over 35 is not good for the mother itself and also the baby. If it possible, I suggest you not to have a child when your age is over 30 because unluckily you will lose your wife and also the baby. However when women pregnant at age 30 happen to your wife, it is no problem. You can check the health of your wife and also the baby with the guide of your trusted doctor.

The Symptoms of Women Pregnant

Symptoms of women pregnant may be varied. I have summarized little about women pregnant symptoms for you. First sign of pregnancy can be looked from the menstruation cycle. If the cycle is normal, it is meant that your wife have not pregnant yet. If the absence of menstruation happens to your wife, I will say congratulation. It means that you will be a father soon. The next stage is the emotion swing. She will easy to angry no matter the reasons of her anger. This happens because your wife body will be fattening in sudden.
In a bout in three weeks you can see the physical changes of your wife. Her breast will be bigger, so do the stomach. This is because the zygote in her womb is growing. It needs longer space to grow so that it makes your wife body to be bigger. Your wife will ask you to buy unthinkable thing. You have to fulfill all of her ask because it is the will of your baby. If you may not fulfill the demand of women pregnant you may see undesirable thing happen to your baby.

How to Treat Women Pregnant?

The treatment of her is quite complicated rather than usual. They are not only eating for their self, but they also feed their baby to be. You have to make sure your wife have eaten enough nutrition for the growth of your baby. Make sure she eats health food and enough nutrition. You may ask her to drink milk for women pregnant as additional supplement for her.

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