Pregnant Women Should Prevent Carefully First Trimester

Pregnant Women Should Prevent Carefully First Trimester

Pregnant women have to keep their pregnant at least at least in their first trimesters. In this time mothers have to pay more attention to the baby because the baby is prone to miscarriage. Wrong treatment will make mother loose her baby. During this time, mother emotion is swing. She will easy to angry and get mad with or without reason. This is fair happening to the first time experience in pregnancy mother. All women or even girls will be felt the same experience.

Fact about Pregnant Women in about 12 Weeks Pregnant

First symptom of pregnant women that will be faced by new mother to be is the stopping period of menstruation. Women usually have menstruation every month. This scene indicates that unfertilized ovum will decay out from woman’s womb. When women have marriage, they usually fertilize the ovum with what should be done by a spouse relationship. This will effect to the fertile ovum. The ovum will be zygote and the menstruation cycles are absence. To make sure that they are positively pregnant, they can check it by using pregnancy test measurement.

Best Diet Foods for Health and Beauty Tips

Next result is their body will change week by week. Pregnant women may easy too tired without any clear reasons, mood swings, and another physical changes. They may see the increase size of their breast, stomach and also weight. They will not feel comfort with their physical change at precede week, but after they pass about three weeks. They will feel better. Some of them will be sick when they seeing, hearing, or tasting something. As her husband, you may not angry to her. It does not her want, but it is caused by the baby.

Some Things to Note by Pregnant Women

The newlywed or even all parents will welcome pregnant of his spouse. They also want to see that their son or daughter will be birth health. They will prevent their pregnant women condition and nutrition during the pregnancy. They often believe in myth as prevent of their children. Some myths say that pregnant women and cat litter may not be closer one another. The cat litter is containing harmful content that may harmful to the mother and the baby to be. It is because of fear that cat litter will be inhaled by mother.  If it happens, it may cause certain disease for the mother and also the child.

Many people believe that pregnant women diet should be done. This is because too much consume certain food is not good for the mother health. Pregnant women should not smoke as long as pregnancy.

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