Shopping Guide for Skin Care Products: Saving or Splurging?

Shopping Guide for Skin Care Products: Saving or Splurging?

Women love taking care of their face and body, no matter how much money they have to buy skin care products. There are so many skin care beauty products out there, with so many ingredients and promotions. Some are cheap and available at drugstores, while others are expensive and only available at cosmetic counters at department store. The question is: which one you should save money on and which one you should spend some more money on? It depends on the products you are looking for. Some products are something that you can save money on, while others are something that you probably should spend more money. Here are some examples of skin care beauty products and whether you should save or splurge on them.

Shower Cream or Gel

This skin care beauty product is used every day, so you should think about the quality more than you should with the brand. Whether it is a cheap or expensive brand, the good shower gel is the one that has safe formula for your skin. Even if the shower gel is expensive, if it makes your skin dry or flaky, then it is not the right product for you.

Body Lotion

All body lotion shares the same quality: to protect your skin from dryness. Therefore, any body lotion that suits your skin type is fine, whether it is cheap or expensive. You can buy product that has sunscreen or extra vitamin E and moisturizer to add extra benefits for your skin, but price does not matter. Now, you can decide whether you want to spend some more money or just save it for cheaper skin care beauty product.

Shampoo and Conditioner

With so many shampoo and conditioner products at the market (including the ones that cost more than average shampoo brands), you should not be bothered with the brands. All shampoo and conditioners share the same functions: cleaning and conditioning your hair. Therefore, buying the regular, cheaper brand is fine. Just make sure that you pick the right product type for your hair.  


For this product, it will be better if you invest on something a bit more expensive, at least from a renowned brand. This is because cheap foundation is usually made of formula that makes your face looks ‘heavy’ and even oily after several hours. It is better to find lightly expensive product that makes your face look more natural, for example, water-based foundation or foundation with mineral.

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