Healthy food pregnant in Special Nutrient to Keep Women and Baby Health

Healthy food pregnant in Special Nutrient to Keep Women and Baby Health

All mothers to be need healthy food pregnant during their pregnancy. What you eat should bear high nutrition and balanced meals. It is very essential to help your baby grow and develop well. Therefore, you cannot ignore nutrients of food for pregnant women although sometimes you feel want to vomit or having nauseous. This causes a problem to almost all pregnant women. They tend to undergo appetite declining where as healthy eating during pregnancy is really important.

Healthy food pregnant for Pregnant Women

All pregnant women need healthy food pregnant to keep their selves and baby health. Pregnant healthy food must provide all nutrients needed by pregnant women. Thus, various foods that you eat are not randomly defined. Here are some examples of foods that are determined for your healthy pregnancy.
For your health and baby, you have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables at least five servings per day. You should eat foods bearing carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread, grain, potatoes. Dairy products that provide calcium are also important to eat such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Foods that bear high protein such as eggs, fish, chicken and legumes belong to primary nutrients for your health. You can eat healthy food pregnant bearing protein at least two portion per week.

Additional Healthy food pregnant during Pregnancy

Besides primary meals with high nutrition, you can also consume additional healthy food pregnant when you are pregnant. This additional nutrient can be derived from vitamin mineral supplement.  With vitamin mineral supplement, you can get balanced nutrient because of food aversion. When pregnant women have food aversion or that is usual called as morning sickness, certainly they only get a little nutrition. So, with mineral vitamin supplement, reduced nutrition can be substituted.

There are two types of supplements for pregnant health. They are 400 mcg of folic acid and 10 mcg of vitamin D. Folic acid supplement is taken each day during first 12 weeks. While vitamin D supplement can be taken during whole pregnancy. Other types of supplement that might you need are iron and calcium supplements. However, in consuming all these supplements must be based on doctor advice. Because, consuming a lot of supplement is not good too, instead you will get worse risk for your baby or your pregnancy. In other words, it is fine to take supplement for pregnancy with proper consuming and necessity. However healthy food pregnant from natural ingredients is more prioritized.

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